Overall compared to many other countries, China is an extremely safe place. But even amongst Chinese cities, there are variations in safety and public security. To some people, the major features of safe cities include no fatal accidents, no frequent robberies and cases of kidnapping, good amenities for the citizens and a host of other things.

Although all these are quite true and necessary for a state to be considered safe, for it to be truly safe, it has to be able to cater and guide the lives and properties of tourists visiting the country. It is a fatal blow to any country that cannot protect the visitors in their country. Some of the places in China that are confirmed to be safe for tourists include the following

1.  The first city on the list is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the safest city in China, according to the latest ranking of the safest Chinese cities released by Hong Kong-based China Institute of city competitiveness (CICC).

2. The capital, Beijing, leads in many areas and public security is one of them.

3. Shanghai which is the capital of China’s economy and so public security is a top priority as a result of the high efficiency of the government.

4. Nanjing is also one of the safest places in China.

5. Hangzhou is a city that has experienced a staggering economic development, where a good combination of good timing and the right people have earned the “good reputation of heaven”. The city has been said to be safe for tourists from around the world.

6. Qingdao is said to be one of the best examples in northern China of good economic development and low unemployment greatly contributing to stable public security in the city and this makes it extremely safe for tourists.

7. Xinyu is another safe part of China as theft and robbery are rare there proving its deserved reputation for public safety thereby making the city very safe for tourists as their lives and properties are sure to be safe.

8. Meizhou is said to be the original home of China’s Hakka majority.

9. Zhoushan, a rich city with a small and stable population, is also a safe place for tourists.

10. Weihai, a city founded on the promise of making the “city that is most suitable for human living”, is a safe place for tourists because of the firm hold the government have on the environment and the security.

11. Tianjin is another safe place for tourists. The people in Tianjin are humble and down to earth. Tianjin has been very welcoming for migrant populations and tourists, thus preventing the tensions that plague some Chinese cities.

12. Chengdu is the capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province.

13. Guilin is a city in southern China known for its dramatic landscape of limestone karst hills. It does not only house beautiful sites for tourists, it also provides security for the tourist in the area.

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